Our Girls


Italy?  Sure, no problem.  Anna’s been twice!  It may be a while before we get all of us back there, but taking photos in front of the fountains was a popular move.


School…yep, really lucky there!  Brookside School at Cranbrook has given each of them the opportunity to thrive.  They love getting up in the morning (in theory) so they can go meet their friends for another day.

Hey, as long as I have the opportunity to throw a thumb in, we’re good.  Keara’s good in the car, and having a built-in self-soothing function is something that goes a long way.

Chocolate?  Is it any wonder that this is her mother’s daughter?  The only surprising thing here is that there is some left over on her face.  Usually licks that right off.

Some days are not quite like this, but overall, who can complain?  Can’t live without each other on some days…but the others?  Well, that’s debatable.

Does any rain bother a (then) nearly two-year-old?  Not when it’s July and there’s a concert going on at the same time…not to mention the fountain close by.