Rotator Cuff

A torn rotator cuff was never something that I never would have thought would happen to me.  I’m not that hard on myself with weights or working out, I’ve left the pitcher’s mound many years ago, and swinging a golf club is not one of those dangerous things.  But…it looks like it happened, one way or another.  On our cruise back in March, I decided to jump in the golf simulator for thirty minutes, and on my first swing about fell to the ground in pain.  After finally visiting the doctor and talking to friends, there it was – all of the classic signs.  No range of motion, clicking in the joint, general weakness, and significant pain on the outside of my bicep with any wrong move.  That pain on those quick, wrong, moves is enough to put me down for a good 45-60 seconds as my arm hangs limp and I try to catch my breath.  Golf season was not very enjoyable, but with a couple months of physical therapy things seemed to be tolerable, if not perfect.  I’ve found some more range of motion and less pain as I’ve continued drills on my own, and really hope that the fall and winter work will lead to a better season on the course next year.