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I’m sure it sounded really easy to us a few months ago when the big idea came up to sell our house.  The first go-around was not so seller friendly…the potential buyer feedback was a little harsh, which told us that we had some work to do to get things up to speed with those prospective owners.  “The kitchen is dated”, “I wanted granite”, and “there is only one bathroom” were common refrains – even if it did remind us of the spoiled-rotten brats from the TV house hunter shows.  So, we went to work with a new basement bathroom and updated kitchen, yes, with granite.

Well, it’s paid off (for now) with our first offer, but how to handle from here?  Is he low-balling or just offering what he can afford?  Time will tell…but until then, stomachs are in knots!

Some houses would be easy to sell, wouldn’t they?  I’m sure that we could name our price.